Summer 2018

Keep a healthy smile all summer long

The warm summer months are upon us. Taking an active role in keeping your mouth and gums healthy is important for your whole health, too.

While your daily habits may change with the warm weather, there are things you can do to help fight bacteria and reduce gum disease.

The following oral health tips can help you keep your smile and body healthy all summer long.

Drink plenty of water — Better weather often means more outdoor activities. When playing, exercising, or gardening in the sun, make sure to stay hydrated. Keeping your mouth moist helps wash away plaque-causing bacteria and gum disease.

Skip the sodas — When you drink sugary sodas, sports drinks or fruit juices, they interact with bacteria in your mouth to create acid. This acid attacks your teeth, potentially leading to cavities, enamel erosion and tooth decay. It may be impossible to cut out surgery drinks all summer, but limiting your exposure can help reduce the amount of acid that attacks your teeth.

Use a straw — Using a straw when drinking acidic beverages can help reduce the amount of contact that acid has on our teeth. Finishing the drink quickly, instead of sipping it slowly, can reduce you teeth’s exposure to harmful acids.

Try green tea — Green tea, without sugar or honey, can help reduce oral bacteria, thereby protecting the health of your teeth and gums.

Stay in a routine — Summertime means no set schedules for children on summer vacation. While their daily routines may change, as parents it is important to enforce the same oral hygiene habits throughout the summer.

Back-to-school dental visits — To make sure your child is ready for the new school year, schedule a summer dental visit. Booking a check-up visit over the summer gives you more availability to schedule a convenient time for you and can prevent your child from missing class during the school year.

Follow these simple tips to keep your smile healthy this summer. Your mouth and your whole body will thank you for it.

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