Summer 2018

Get care that’s centered on you

Your journey to better health and wellness doesn’t start and end with you. With a Moda Medical Home, healthcare is a team effort.

Moda Medical Homes bring it all together. Through a single hospital or clinic where you go for your primary care needs, your care team of providers, specialists and other caregivers work together to bring the best treatments to you.

This team-based approach to healthcare provides:

Moda Medical Homes are offered through our Coordinated Care Model (CCM) Synergy and Summit plans. When your plan is active, you can choose a Medical Home for you and each of your covered family members. You can pick the same Medical Home, or a different one—it’s up to you.

Medical Home tier levels

Our Synergy and Summit networks offer access to many recognized Medical Homes certified by the Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Program. Our provider directory includes tier levels that range from one to five. The higher the tier, the more coordinated the care for the Medical Home.

Our Synergy and Summit networks offer a wide, diverse selection of Medical Homes to choose from, including:

Synergy Network — The Synergy Network serves members living and working in the Portland metro area, Southwest Washington, the Oregon coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and central and southern Oregon communities along the I-5 corridor. This network connects members with high-quality care close to home. Visit our Medical Home website to see a list of participating hospitals and health systems affiliated with the Synergy Network.

Summit Network — The Summit Network serves members living or working in eastern Oregon, SE Washington and Idaho. This network connects members living in rural and other areas with high-quality care at an affordable cost. Visit our Medical Home website for a list of participating hospitals and health systems affiliated with the Summit Network.

Choosing a Medical Home

After you receive your Moda Health ID card, log in to myModa and choose the “Medical Home” tab to make your selection. Follow the steps listed on the screen to let us know which Medical Home you have chosen. Learn more at under the “Medical Home” tab.

With a Moda Medical Home, your care team is always working together to provide better quality, more affordable care that’s centered on your personal health needs.

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